Inaugural meeting Kotkova Giere Porfyr2012
The inaugural meeting of Mineralogical Society of Slovakia (15 December 2011, Geological Institute SAS) Lecture of prof. Jana Kotková (Czech Geological Survey): Diamonds in Czech Republic and their origin (15 March 2012, FNS CU) Lecture of prof. Reto Gieré
(Freiburg University): Mineralogy of the Atmosphere: Assessing Environmental and Health Impacts of Airborne Particulate Matter (5 April 2012,
Geological Institute SAS)
Field trip "Porphyry systems" in area of Banská Štiavnica a Detva (11-12 October 2012)
Pettko SNM inprep inprep
The commemoration of the 200th birth anniversary of Prof. Ján Pettko Minerals of Slovakia book launch, The Slovak National Museum (1 December 2012) Lecture of Dr. Andreas Ertl (Geozentrum - Universität Wien): News on tourmaline and correlations with PT conditions (18 April 2013) Conference Minpet 2013 (23-24 May 2013, FNS CU)
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Field trip "Mineralogical localities of Biele Karpaty Mts. and Strážovské vrchy Mts." (11-12 September 2013) 4th Central-European Mineralogical Conference (CEMC), Skalský Dvůr (Czech republic) (23-26 April 2014) Workshop "100 years of modern crystalography and its importance for mineralogy" (27 November 2014, FNS CU) Bojná 2015 - Joint field trip of Mineralogical Society of Slovakia and Slovak Archeological Society (3 June 2015)
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Conference Petros 2015 (11 June 2015) Field trip "Podkrkonošie" (27-28 November 2015)    


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